Steak and Eggs Breakfast

This is just a quick post about one of the breakfasts I made for myself this past week.  I had made a local steak for dinner earlier in the week, so I cut it into strips and sauteed them with red onions in some olive oil and butter.  I added a splash of red wine vinegar at the very end to complement the red onions and to add a bit of a tang.  I fried an local, pastured egg just as the steak and onions were finishing.  I topped the whole dish with some chopped chives for a green accent and a bit more onion-y flavor.  When I cut into the egg, the bright orange yoke dripped down and combined with the vinegar and oil on the steak to make a delicious sauce.  It was so delicious and filling!

One Response to “Steak and Eggs Breakfast”
  1. Nana and Pop-Pop says:

    This looks wonderful. The last time we had steak and eggs for breakfast was on vacation in Las Vegas. I never think to do that with steak leftover from the night before. Then again, we never have steak leftover!

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