Ultimate Steak Sandwich

This post features a steak sandwich I made earlier in the fall.  My sister was in volleyball season, and I met my family at a few of her games, bringing a picnic lunch featuring Cville’s wonderful ingredients.  I made a few great BLT’s with avocado and brie cheese and homemade mayonnaise during tomato season, but I also tried to master a steak sandwich.  This one started with sauteing onions over low heat so they caramelized and softened.  These onions keep great in the fridge if cooked down enough and become almost spreadable.  For this sandwich, I actually cooked the onions and the steak the night before and transported the sandwich at room temperature.

I cooked the steak next.  I seared it in a pan and cooked it rare, just seasoned with salt.  It’s important to let it rest before you cut it for about 10 minutes if you’re serving it right away so that all the juices don’t run out.  I refrigerated my steak overnight and cut it in the morning as I made this sandwich.

For the sandwich, I used an long, airy ciabatta loaf.  I shopped at Albemarle Baking Company, right in the Charlottesville Main Street Market.  Ciabatta makes for great sandwiches because of its spongy, light interior and hearty crust.  I cut a nice rectangular section and put a light smear of homemade mayonnaise on each side of the bread, just to moisten it.

I spread the bottom section with sauteed onions.

Then I arranged slices of the steak.

Then I placed on the cheese.

I topped off the sandwich with spinach leaves for some crunchy freshness and color.

Here’s the finished masterpiece of a sandwich, sliced for sharing:

I think making sandwiches can be like an art–one in which you can really do no wrong.  It’s almost like making a great salad on bread; as long as you use fresh, whole, delicious ingredients, the dish will be great.

With my growing interest in food this year, I’ve been dreaming about owning and cooking in my own restaurant one day, and I think I would like to run a sandwich and burger shop.  It would be great, simple, homemade food using local ingredients.  It would be the perfect setting for a mix of traditional, diner-style, comfort food and unique, modern flavors.  This dream is based on my favorite Food Network show, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.  Guy Fieri shows how the smallest, quaintest diners and bistros can have the best food, and I would love to cook the kind of beloved, scrumptious food that’s featured on the show.  And who knows, maybe one day there’ll be a restaurant called “Slow Foodie” in a town near you!

One Response to “Ultimate Steak Sandwich”
  1. Mom says:

    I would come early and often!

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