Tomato Season!

Tomatoes are finally starting to ripen in Charlottesville, and the farmer’s market is full of colorful, heirloom varieties.  Check out these funky colors and shapes I picked out from some local farms on Saturday morning.

For this summer snack, I was inspired by the idea of tomato and peach gazpacho.  Peaches are in season as well, and I thought the juicy, sweet fruit would pair well with vibrant, flavorful tomatoes.  Instead of making a pureed soup though, I went with a chopped salad, almost like a relish.  I made sure to catch the juices from peeling the peach and chopping the tomatoes to make a sort of dressing for the two fruits.  I also added finely chopped red onion, which I’m loving raw in salads to add a bit of sweetness and heat, fresh chopped basil from the garden, and crunchy sunflower seeds.  I poured balsamic vinegar and white wine vinegar (for some acidity) and salt (to help bring out the sweetness from the fruits and balsamic) on top and stirred it all together.  Beautiful and super tasty!

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