Zocalo during Cville Power Outage

Part of Charlottesville has had a power outage for the last day and a half.  My house didn’t have power, and driving from my neighborhood into downtown Charlottesville, I could see the exact point at which the power outage ended and the rest of the city had power because all of a sudden the stop lights were working again.  It was like driving back into civilization, especially because people were fleeing to gas stations and diners and movie theaters and malls to escape the heat and lack of air conditioning at home.  Even though my family probably should have tried to eat the leftovers that were thawing slowly in coolers full of ice, we went out for dinner and tried not to think of how much of our frozen farmer’s market bounty would need to be sacrificed if the power didn’t restore our freezers soon.

I’m happy to report that, after power returned in the middle of last night, we were able to save most of precious grass-fed steaks and my mom’s soups and chili, so we didn’t have to feel too guilty about eating at Zocalo for the first time last night.  And it was delicious!  I had their spinach salad with the butteriest fried oysters I’ve ever tasted and tangy, bacon vinaigrette.  My family also tried the cheese fritters appetizer that was absolutely delicious.

My entree was unbelievable as well.  I had the seared duck breast which came unbelievably tender with a savory, crunch crust.  It came with onion and manchego bread pudding and super garlic-y braised swiss chard (one of my favorites).  The whole dish was served with a deep purple, raisin, port chutney that was perfectly tangy and sweet to compliment to the savory, fall flavors of the duck and veggies.  It was amazingly rich and wonderful.

My family finished the meal by sharing Zocalo’s chocolate bread pudding with Bailey’s creme anglaise.  It was decadent and warm, but not too sweet.  The perfect end to the evening.  It was only surpassed later that night when the power came back on!

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