Restaurant Wish List and The Whiskey Jar

My family has just relocated to Charlottesville, and I’m enjoying my first summer here as a permanent resident.  I have a long and continually growing list of restaurants in town that I’m dying to try, and I’ve finally found a way to organize and keep track of those that I have been to and those that I still want to visit.  On my blog, I’ve created a “Restaurant Wish List” where I’ve rated those restaurants I’ve sampled and listed them in order of which ones are my most favorite.  Please check out the page if you’re interested in charting my eating adventures or if you’d like advice for places to visit in Charlottesville.

This post is also about a restaurant which was previously on my wish list and which, as of last night, has catapulted to the top of my “Tried and True” favorites list.  It’s called the Whiskey Jar, and it’s right on the east end of the downtown mall.  It’s got great atmosphere with just the right amount of ambient noise and live music that signals having a good time.  The place looks just like the name suggests, but with an intelligent, clever edge;  they serve their waters in jars; the bar is old fashioned, with exposed brick and displaying their impressive whiskey selection and not gaudy, flashing TV’s; the tables and bar are made from dark rugged but polished wood, and they have a great assortment of whiskeys.  My family has just started drinking bourbon, and we tried some of their fantastic cocktails, such as their Bourbon Sidecar and the Jar’s Sour with Buffalo Trace and fresh grapefruit.

It’s a restaurant with a lot of charm.  You know it’s has to have great Southern, comfort food when their signature dish is fried chicken and collards.  Another one of their classics is the hush puppies and biscuits served with local apple butter and honey butter.  My favorites of the night though were the fried oysters–so buttery and light!  Served with a slightly spicy remoulade that I wouldn’t let leave the table, I think they top the ones I just blogged about from Zocalo.  I had the pan seared catfish with Brussels sprout hash for dinner, and I was in heaven!  I can’t remember having catfish before, and this was so delicious that I don’t know if I ever want to have it anywhere else!  Finally, we finished the meal with the Whiskey Jar’s signature and scrumptious pecan pie and the dessert special of the night, peach cobbler which came with fresh, homemade peach ice cream.  The whole meal was casual, fun, and wonderfully tasty.  I can’t wait to go back!

One Response to “Restaurant Wish List and The Whiskey Jar”
  1. Mom says:

    I am dreaming of that fried chicken!

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