New Food Discovery: Avocado Tempura at Ten

I may have a new favorite food thanks to Ten Sushi.  Mayonnaise was my first food crush, but now I’m head-over-heels for avocado tempura.  I recently visited Ten Sushi on the downtown mall with my Dad, a fellow seafood lover, for dinner, and I must report that it was fantastic.  It’s one of the two places that I’ve ever had toro, or fatty tuna from the belly of the fish.  We ordered a big, assorted platter of the chef’s choice of sashimi, and it came beautifully presented with a different type of tobiko or roe, scallion, or topping on each selection of fish which was nestled atop a tiny pile of shredded vegetable.

front stairway leading upstairs to Ten Sushi

The sushi was heavenly, but my favorite part of the meal was the avocado tempura.  It’s listed as an appetizer, but my dad and I ordered it at two different points throughout the meal because it was so tasty.  It comes with three, large slices of bright, tender avocado with a delicate, crispy tempura batter, all drizzled with a sweet aioli–so it’s no wonder this mayonnaise-loving blogger loved it!  The sweetness and creaminess of the aioli was the perfect compliment to smooth out the of salty tang from the little bit of soy sauce that gets absorbed by the tempura.  The avocado was truly made to be the highlight though; it was still solid, but just gently warmed so that it melted in your mouth.  My one and only complaint would be that it was so delicate, that it was very difficult to pick up with chopsticks without breaking it.  But it made for great finger food!  I can’t wait to try something similar at home, although I don’t know if it can ever compare.  I would go back to Ten just for the avocado tempura, although I’d be crazy to pass up some more of their fabulous sushi while I’m there!

Avocado Tempura at Ten

* Note:  Just a quick reminder that I have a Restaurant Wish List page accessible here or through the menu bar at the top of my blog where I list all the new restaurants I want to try and where I rate all the great restaurants I’ve already sampled.

One Response to “New Food Discovery: Avocado Tempura at Ten”
  1. Nana and Pop-Pop says:

    Sounds wonderful, Erin. Would love to try the Avocado Tempura. Think I’ll take a pass on the sushi, though.

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