SlowFoodieBear Returns with Burger Sliders!

Dearest followers!  The SlowFoodieBear has returned to blogging after an inexcusable break for which I profusely apologize.  I have so many pictures of the delicious food I’ve made over the past year sitting un-shared on my computer, and I couldn’t bear to withhold them from you any longer!  I’m going to be posting a mass of old recipes and pictures and foods over the next week or so, and I’ve decided to shorten the actual blogs (which decreases production time for me immensely) so everyone can skip right to the best part – the pictures of scrumptious food!  So I’m apologizing in advance for any lack of descriptiveness or eloquence in the coming posts, but it will make it possible for me to more quickly publish all the dishes I have lined up in the queue.  So without further ado, onto burger sliders.

These mini-burgers were a wonderful dinner I made for myself last spring, trying some techniques I had witnessed at restaurants to elevate the humble burger into something more gourmet.  I started with ground beef from Polyface Farms, shaped it into two patties (perfect for one hungry little college student!), and seasoned them with salt and pepper.  I heated a pan with oil and placed each patty in, waiting until the bottom quarter of the meat was browned and cooked.  Then I flipped the burgers and topped the seared sides with slices of red onion.  I placed pieces of a mild, white, melty cheese on top and put a lid on the pan.  This way, steam builds up, melting the cheese onto the onion and the tops of the burgers while the bottoms of the patties are still cooking.
It didn’t work quite as neatly or prettily as it does in the restaurant (where I think they use a slightly more sophisticated method or broiler for melting cheese), but it did the job.  Next time, I might also add a bit of water to the pan right before I put on the lid so that it creates more steam to melt the cheese.

Next, I topped the patties with my homemade mayonnaise, which is a gorgeous yellow color here because I made it with Dijon mustard and golden olive oil.  The crunchy bits on top of the mayonnaise are actually fried pieces of cheese that fell off the patties while they were cooking.  It stuck to the bottom of the pan and got all bubbly, but luckily I scraped them off before they burned, and they were quite tasty as a crunch topping for the sliders.  They were like an accidental delicacy!

Lastly, I put the resting patties on Bibb lettuce leaves instead of a bun.  That way I could pick them up, almost like a taco!  I would suggest letting burgers rest for at least 5 minutes before you plate of cut into them, though.  You want to let the juices recirculate throughout the meat so they don’t come streaming out as soon as you bite or cut into them.  If using fresh, homemade mayo as well, I would wait a few minutes before dolloping that on as well or else it might start to melt.  So here’s the beautiful, finished product:

Just another announcement: one of the reasons I didn’t use a bun on these burgers (other than the fact that they look so darn pretty on lettuce leaves!) is that I’ve recently begun eating a Paleo or Primal diet.  It’s best explained by saying that I try to eat how and what cavemen would have been able to eat, so that means lots of meat, fish, eggs, veggies, good fats, and some fruits, nuts, and seeds.  The main thing that I’ve decided to no longer eat is bread or grains or flours of any kind.  Basically, I’m trying to be gluten- and sweetener-free, among other things (and for any hard-core Paleo people out there- yes, I know these sliders have cheese on them, so technically they’re not “true” Paleo).  I would love to explain all my reasoning behind this diet, all the science, and all the intricacies of what I think is good for the human body, but I think men like Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson do a much better, more comprehensive job than I, so please check out their blogs and websites if you’re interested in more information.  I just wanted to give you all a heads up that most of my posts to come will be Paleo-friendly to reflect my new way of eating.  Fear not!  They shouldn’t seem different or strange at all though, and they will certainly be just as tasty!

2 Responses to “SlowFoodieBear Returns with Burger Sliders!”
  1. Mom says:

    Dear bear – now I am hungry (search for bunch – and change to bun – scratched my head on that one for a while).

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