Build You Own Burger


There was another post about burgers earlier this week, but I wanted to share a slightly different way of presenting or serving burgers in this post.  My delicious burger sliders served as the inspiration for making this meal for my family this summer.  Rather than assemble the burgers ahead though, I wanted to create a beautiful spread of possible toppings and let people build their burgers themselves.

I laid out colorful, sliced veggies and condiments such as grilled onions (and one slice of raw onion – notice the gorgeous grill marks on all but one of them), local heirloom tomato, avocado, and homemade mayonnaise. I believe that fresh tomatoes ought to always be salted in order to accentuate their natural flavor, so even though they would be a topping for salted and seasoned burgers, I salted the spread of tomatoes as I arranged them with the other toppings.  Ketchup, mustard, and any other condiments apply as well, but ever since I got hooked on homemade mayonnaise, I can’t imagine using any other condiment!  I used to use ketchup, but when you’re working with such great, fresh ingredients and clean flavors, it feels like a crime to me to put the sweet, syrupy, artificially-colored goop on burgers.  I apologize to anyone who enjoys ketchup on their burgers; that’s just how I see it, so we can agree to disagree!

Well enough with the nit-picky details.  Here’s the spectacular final product, served on a Bibb lettuce (aka Boston lettuce) leaf just like my burger sliders:

I couldn’t quite stack all the toppings on top of the burger and have them stay, so I loaded my plate with extra tomato and avocado and simply ate them along with each bite of burger as I cut into it.  With eating burgers on lettuce, it’s incredibly messy to pick up and eat with your hands in the traditional way.  So unless the other people at the table are family and you’re in the privacy of your own home, I recommend a fork and knife.  However, I must admit I have eaten a burger wrapped in lettuce with my hands at a restaurant before because I wanted the traditional experience.  I did get some funny looks, though!



3 Responses to “Build You Own Burger”
  1. Mom says:

    We must have these again soon – I am really hungry after reading this post!

  2. I know it’s not ideal but I would add bacon to burgers if I made them. I am still not sure if I would even like a burger without the cheese and ketchup. Sounds pretty boring.

    • I think bacon and avocado are the ideal toppings. There’s so many tasty alternatives to cheese and ketchup (sauteed spinach, fried eggs, grilled onions, even an onion ring!) that I don’t think burgers could ever be boring!

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