Weekend Breakfast: Vegetables and Eggs

Having a great breakfast is like a ritual for me.  Even if it means that I might be late for class, I will not compromise having a nutritious and filling breakfast.  It sets me up for having a good day and feeling great and continuing to eat well for the rest of the day.  Much of the time, my breakfast consists of eggs with a handful of veggies or meat (like sausage, bacon, or salmon) thrown in, but occasionally on the weekends, I have the chance to make something more elaborate.

This past weekend, I sauteed leftover garlic-y okra, chopped ham, and torn Swiss chard leaves in bacon fat until the ham pieces were golden and crispy.  I then fried up two eggs and laid them atop the veggie and meat saute.

A little bit of torn basil completes the dish.

I’ve often employed this basic recipe for breakfast since going Paleo.  Without the typical American breakfast foods of cereals and breads and oatmeal and toast and grains, I’ve gotten to be more creative with my morning meal.  I had never had vegetables for breakfast before (except for maybe potatoes, but I don’t think those count!), but when paired with delicious meats like sausage or bacon, they can be incorporated deliciously into a morning meal.  And throwing them in scrambled eggs or under fried eggs or in an omelet is a perfect way to make vegetables feel more like breakfast.  My standby is torn spinach thrown into scrambled eggs because it’s filled with vitamins and simply dissolves into the eggs.  It just adds color like herbs would, and I find I really like the taste.  For more tender spinach, I would suggest sauteing the it (or any other green) before adding whisked eggs into the pan.  I’ve also had some stranger foods for breakfast as well that did not feel at all like breakfast.  Eating cold, leftover salmon or seared tuna from last night’s dinner are highly nutritious, but I certainly understand that not everyone wants to have that with their morning coffee!  It definitely took me a little getting used to, but now a whole new world of breakfast foods has emerged for me.  My latest favorite is heated-up, leftover pork chops.  Look forward to that in an upcoming post!

Look at these gorgeous orange egg yolks!  Who wouldn’t want this for breakfast?

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