Glorious Breakfast

Just this morning I prepared what I must consider one of the most glorious, gorgeous breakfasts of all time.  It was simply a leftover hamburger topped with fried eggs and sauteed swiss chard, but somehow it evolved into something stunning and gormet-looking.  And I managed to this on a school-day morning, no less!

It began with a leftover hamburger.  But this was not ordinary hamburger!  No, it was a grass-fed, pasture-raised, loved, massaged, and worshiped burger.  I may be exaggerating, but the beef was truly heavenly because it came from Currituck Farms.  Just a week ago, I convinced my family to go in on buying a cow or a part of a cow.  I already own a share of a cow so that I can get raw milk, but this time I purchased an eighth of a cow as meat.  An eighth of a cow from Currituck ended up being almost 100 pounds, which is quite a fat and happy weight!  We’ve had rib steaks, a sirloin steak, and ground beef so far, and they’ve all been extraordinarily delicious.  I had my first Currituck hamburger last night, and it was so tender and moist, that I ended up having the leftover for breakfast just a few hours later.  Here’s how my breakfast started out:

I simply warmed the leftover patty in a pan with bacon fat, and I paired it with two fried eggs and sauteed swiss chard.  It was a lot of protein, but I’ve been lifting and working out and doing Crossfit a lot recently, so I need lots of protein to make me strong and healthy.  The simple ingredients became something magical though.  The hamburger was soft and melted in mouth, and the eggs were perfectly runny with a glorious orange yolk.  The sauteed greens became a crisp, addictive element  of their own.  Normally soggy and limp, swiss chard is typically unremarkable, but I cooked these shreds in bacon fat and then placed them in the pan alongside the burger while it was warming.  The leaves helped to stop the splattering of fat which typically leaps from the pan to decorate the stove and the counters, but giving them extra time over the heat also had the unexpected effect of making them slightly crispy.  They were still soft and tender, but there was a slight, satisfying crackle to them, and they served as a crispy, textural element.

My presentation was lacking at first, with the two eggs just flopped alongside the burger, but I decided to put into practice the new plating skills I’ve developed from working at the Clifton Inn.

I stacked the eggs atop the burger and then piled the crispy swiss chard on the beautiful, contrasting white surface.  I even wiped clean the sides of the bowl with a towel to give the dish the real restaurant treatment.  I think it turned out stunningly! But of course, that’s not worth anything if it doesn’t taste great as well.  Here’s a picture of the perfectly cooked inside of the patty and of the eggs.  It’s sliced almost like a hamburger pie!

And lastly, here’s a picture of the partially devoured breakfast, just to give you a complete sense of the dish and to leave nothing to the imagination!

One Response to “Glorious Breakfast”
  1. Nana and Pop-Pop says:

    OMG! Looks awesome ! My mouth is watering and it’s 11PM at night.

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