Restaurant Review: Black Market Moto Saloon

My latest favorite hangout in Charlottesville is the Black Market Moto Saloon.  It’s designed as a classic, rough biker bar, but it serves surprisingly great food.  My personal favorite is their burger.  They have a number of flavor combinations on the menu, including a burger with pineapple, prosciutto, and aoili in addition to one with balsamic tomatoes, bacon, and goat cheese.  My regular order consists of their burger with just sauteed onions and bacon and without the bun.  The owner, Matteus, has been very understanding of my Paleo eating habits and is nice enough to serve up a burger without a bun.  When food is this delicious, though, I don’t miss bread at all!

The other substitution I make is ordering a side salad instead of french fries.  The Moto Saloon’s fries are heavenly, especially the ones topped with garlic and rosemary, but their salads are delicious as well.  The mixed greens are dressed lightly in a tangy balsamic vinaigrette and then topped with cherry tomatoes for a burst of freshness.  The lightness and acidity makes for the perfect complement to the rich, savory burger.  It’s simply a meal perfectly fit for a caveman: lots of meat and good fats with some tasty veggies thrown on top.  I frequent the Moto Saloon for lunch at least once a week.

Besides the great food, the Moto Saloon is particularly convenient for me because it happens to be located right next door to Crossfit Charlottesville where I’ve been working out this year.  (As a little bonus, check out this page on their website where I was featured in the picture of the day!)  A hearty burger and big salad are perfect Paleo post-workout foods, and I really enjoy getting to walk right next door after working out and chowing down on this Paleo twist on the classic burger-n-fries.


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