Petite Burger for Breakfast

Protein makes you healthy and strong!  Enough said.

Here’s one of the ways I’ve been sneaking extra protein into breakfast in a way that’s delicious and hopefully beautiful:

Start with an adorable, mini, grass-fed burger and a generous sprinkling of salt.
Then work on frying a gorgeous, pastured egg.  Over-easy of course!  You’ve got to love that runny yolk!

Frying EggThen top the tiny burger with the burger and pretend it’s a UFO or flying saucer.

UFOFinally, top with homemade bacon, onion, bourbon jam!  And a little parsley for garnish never hurts.

Stacked DishHere’s a great view of the runny yolk.

Split YolkThat’s it for this short post!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures and are inspired to have a protein-rich, delicious breakfast tomorrow!



One Response to “Petite Burger for Breakfast”
  1. Nana and Pop-Pop says:

    I could go for one right now! If only you were here to make it.

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