Thanksgiving Series: Autumn Cranberry Salad

Happy very belated Thanksgiving.  Although that particular holiday has passed, I have wonderful pictures and recipes to share from November!  Please excuse lateness of this post and perhaps take ideas for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.  This post will be the first in a short series about the dishes my family served at Thanksgiving, so fear not about the length!  There will be more to come soon!

Here is the dish that I started off my family’s Thanksgiving feast with.  My mom and I collaborated on making a reinvented starter out of traditional side dishes with a festive cranberry, apple-cider vinegar dressing.  We simply microwaved whole cranberries in apple cider vinegar until they pop and soften.  Puree this mixture and add mustard, a splash of lemon, a dash of honey, and enough olive oil to thin out the puree into a dressing.  We used this to dress fresh greens and slivered red onion.  We topped the salad with crispy, roasted Brussels sprouts slices and braised beets.  I had braised red and orange beets earlier in the week in red wine vinegar, chicken broth, white wine, and some yummy spices so that they were tender and tangy, and we sliced then to serve cold with salad as a sweet accent with a vinegar-y tang.
IMAG1287It looks a little messy, but I’m still working on my salad stacking skills from working at the Clifton Inn.  Here’s a collection of the plates about to go out to our dining room table:


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