Beet Sliders

Beets are a little bit off the fall-flavor trend I’ve been sticking to, but I wanted to share the story of this dish regardless.  I just tried beets for the first time this year and found them delicious.  This is the first way I tried cooking beets, and they came out splendidly!  I started by boiling the beets in water filled with a bunch of spices to make something similar to pastrami broth.  I believe I used salt, pepper corns, cumin, bay leaves, and whole host of other things from the spice drawer. As long as it smells good, I figure they will taste great.

After boiling the beets for about an hour, the beets will be tender and the skins slip off easily.  You can eat them simply as-is, and you can slice them to saute in butter with a little sprinkle of salt and pepper.  This is a great way to reheat them and to get a nice crisp finish on the slices.

Cooking BeetsI served my slices as beet sliders but with a Paleo twist.  I laid out a board of fixings that included Bibb lettuce leaves for wrapping (but bread, crackers, or crustini would make great vehicles too), thin slivers of radish, sliced red onion, and an herbed mayonnaise sauce.

Toppings LateralHere’s the assembly of one of the little sliders:


One Response to “Beet Sliders”
  1. Nana and Pop-Pop says:

    Beets are one of our favorite vegetables. We usually have them just sliced and tossed with a little butter. BTW, have you tried beet tops? They too, are delicious and very good for eye health.

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