Christmas Series: Hot Buttered Bourbon

I’m still getting over the mountains of delicious food consumed over the holidays, and I think I will blame the resulting “food coma” for my lateness in posting about the dishes I made for Christmas.  I’m finally readying pictures and recipes from the holidays to post, and I’ve decided to start with the star cocktail.  I served my famous “Cinn Cider” along with some other recent experimental cocktail creations, but the favorite drink to come out of the holidays was a “Hot Buttered Bourbon” that I made for the first time on Christmas day.  I was inspired by a magazine of cocktails that my grandparents had brought me to foster my growing interest in mixology; I was struck by a take on the classic hot buttered rum that called for using bourbon (which has quickly become my favorite alcohol for cocktails) and apple cider.

Hot Buttered Bourbon MiniI looked up a few hot buttered bourbon recipes before just improvising the ratios and inventing the rest.  I began by heating apple cider with a little lemon juice on the stove until piping hot (but not quite simmering).  While it was heating, I prepared the butter element by  mashing up butter with a fork and incorporating a dash of maple syrup for sweetness and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and allspice.  Once the butter was mixed, I put it in the fridge until it was time to serve.  Alternatively, you could add the spices to the apple cider instead of the butter.  I just love how the sweet, spiced butter turned out, and apple cider is already delicious on its own!

Hot Buttered Bourbon CloseupTo add the bourbon, I pulled the apple cider off of the stove and then poured in about a half shot per person (these were just tiny tasting-sized cocktails).  The ratio of cider-to-bourbon is completely up to you, but I personally like slightly more cider than bourbon because it can be quite strong.  The important part is to either add the bourbon once the cider is off the heat or to add the bourbon to the serving glasses and to pour the hot cider on top.  Either way, you’re not directly heating the bourbon so that it doesn’t boil off.  The final step is to plop some maple spiced butter on top and to enjoy!

Hot Buttered Bourbon BroadA variation which I also sampled was adding some vanilla ice cream along with the spiced butter to the hot cider and bourbon mixture.  It all melts in very quickly, and the ice cream just adds a sweet creaminess.  I don’t have a picture of that particular variation, but I can assure you that it is delicious.  I encourage you to test this holiday concoction either as an accompaniment to a dessert, or as a entire dessert itself.  Enjoy!

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