Ace Biscuit and Barbecue

Update: Life has gotten crazy, and I apologize for having neglected my blog.  I’ve been busy with classes, with applying to study abroad in Italy this summer, with playing club volleyball, with Crossfit and Olympic lifting, and with life in general.  It’s finally spring break at UVA though, so I should have some time to share some of my latest tasty meals and creations with you!

Angle Menu

This winter I discovered a little gem of a barbecue joint here in Charlottesville run by a professional restaurant chef who decided that his real calling in life was actually smoking meat.  Not that there’s anything wrong with being a restaurant chef!  I’m still enjoying my time interning at the Clifton Inn and learning what it takes to be a restaurant chef, but I now certainly understand how the stress and crazy hours of the job can be difficult.  So Ace Biscuit and Barbecue owner and chef Brian Ashworth decided that he wanted to run his own place and only cook breakfast and lunch on weekdays.  He’s only recently opened up for limited hours on Saturdays.  I admire that he’s been able to continue providing delicious food while insisting upon being able to lead a normal life.


I visited Ace Biscuit for the first time after a great Crossfit workout, and I was looking for a big meal of protein to refuel.  I was immediately tempted an item on the chalkboard menu on the wall called “Build Your Own Plate.”  Since I’ve been eating Paleo, I don’t eat bread or grains, so despite the fact that the restaurant was known and named for its biscuits, I was hoping to try some barbecue in a format that was not on a bun.  I had a plate piled high with house-made sausage, pulled pork, thick-cut bacon, caramelized onions, and stewed apples, all topped off with a fried egg.  Have I mentioned that I like meat?  I had a big appetite that day!  I even had a side of their collard greens, but there was only so much food I could fit in this picture:

First Breakfast

I’ve since gone back for breakfast and lunch, and I’ve even brought take out home for dinner.  My dad and I enjoyed the pork spare ribs with root beer barbecue sauce reheated in the oven at home, and the pulled pork is so delicious I often just eat it cold out of the fridge.  My favorite meal, however, is one that I get now every time I eat at Ace, whether it’s breakfast or lunch.  It’s a plate with their wonderful sausage patty, two giant slabs of chewy bacon, and some thick slices of their country ham all topped with sweet caramelized onions and two fried eggs (it’s got to be two eggs so that there’s enough yolk for all the pork).  Here’s a picture of the perfect bite:

Egg with Ham and Bacon

Here’s another picture of my meal where I show my favorite way of marrying pork with the fried egg:

Sausage and Egg Slice

And the unlikely compliment so such a meat-centric meal is a cup of coffee.

Coffee in the Window

I’ve turned my whole family onto Ace as well, and we enjoyed a few breakfasts there together.  My mom ordered the fried green tomatoes, and they come with pimento cheese.  It’s so southern!  She also tried one of their classic biscuits.

Fried Green TomatoesAce is also well-known for their fried chicken served over waffles, which I have yet to try myself.  I have seen them though, and they look fantastic.  I’m sure all their food is wonderful!  If you’re ever in the Charlottesville area, I highly recommend you stop by.  I look forward to visiting again and leaving with a happy belly full of meat!

Cute Lights


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