Truffle Honey Parmesan Fries

This post is about a dish I affectionately call “Magic Sweet Taters.”  They’re a riff on the truffle honey fries I just blogged about at Avalon restaurant.  I decided to make my version with sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes because they’re a more Paleo-friendly starch in that they’re more nutrient dense and that they have a lower glycemic load.  I also find them to be more delicious.

The fries at Avalon were deep fried, and given that I don’t happen to have my own deep fryer, I had to improvise.  I used a saute pan with very high sides and filled it with about a half inch of peanut oil.  I found that with my stove, the proper temperature to heat the oil was on about medium-low.

For the sweet potatoes, I peeled them and cut them into thin strips: not quite matchsticks, but about ¼ inch thick so they could be thin and crispy.  I deep fried them in the peanut oil in batches so that there was only a single layer of strips in the pan at a time.  When they were just starting to become golden, I scooped them out onto a paper towel to drain a little while I prepared the next batches.  I salted them right away so that the salt could soak into them while they were warm and moist from the oil.  After coming out of the oil, the fries were fairly soft and cooked through, but not crispy yet, so once I had a good pile of them on the paper towel, I moved the pile to a big saute pan with a bunch of butter (where I seasoned them further) to continue browning them and to get a nice, crisp exterior.

While the first batches of the fries were in the oil, I started preparing the honey truffle dressing.  I didn’t have truffles at home, but I did have truffle oil that my mom had given me for Christmas (to encourage the foodie in me!).  So I combined a good couple of spoonfuls of honey with about a tablespoon of the truffle oil (because it’s rather strong) in a small saucepan over low heat.  This was just to warm up the mixture and to make it possible to drizzle over the fries.

When the butter-sauteed fries were sufficiently golden and crispy, I removed them all to a plate and drizzled the pile with the truffle honey, being sure to stir it enough to get the truffle oil mixed in with the honey.  Then I sprinkled the whole plate with parmesan cheese which melted into the warm fries beautifully and gave them a creamy, salty finish.  I found that salting was especially important because of the double sweetness of the sweet potatoes themselves and of the honey, and I wanted to keep this essentially a savory dish accented by sweetness.  I think I managed to achieve that, and these were simply delicious!  My dad and I almost single-handedly devoured two large sweet potatoes worth of these fries.

Taters from Front

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