Foods from the Past: Updated French Toast

Before I started eating Paleo, one of my favorite breakfasts was French toast.  I didn’t really enjoy plain toast or just toast with jelly, because even then, I was all about how much filling or toppings one food vessel could hold.  And oddly, I always found the softer, moister wheat items more appealing: like the middle of a pan of brownies or bread pudding–the pinnacle of soggy, rich, custard-y bread (the bread is just a vehicle for the custard and fillings!).  Now, if I do ever eat bread, it tends to be simply as a way to eat a whole lot of butter.  I’m a firm believer in a one-to-one bread-to-butter ratio.  Oftentimes, I skip the bread and just eat the butter.

Alright, enough of butter-loving weirdness.  I apologize that this is not nearly as refined of a post as I normally produce, but I’m in the middle of finals at UVA, and butter is my friend during such times.  So onto some beautiful French toast from the past!

As I said, I like soggy, custard-y bread, so I soaked the bread for french toast for a while in eggs, a splash of milk or cream , a sprinkle of sugar, and cinnamon.  Then I cooked it in…you guessed it…BUTTER!

PrepI called this breakfast “Updated French Toast” because it was a little fancier and more decadent than your average, weekday breakfast.  I made a syrup by smashing fresh raspberries in warmed maple syrup and dolloped that atop a piece of French toast spread with cream cheese.

SaucingAnother variation I tried was topping the French toast with cream cheese, my mom’s homemade strawberry jam, and then fresh raspberries.  Is it beautiful, or what?



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