Daily Food: Vermillion Snapper

If you’re looking for a restaurant-like meal that’s deceptively easy to prepare, I would suggest fish.  Some think it’s hard to prepare and easy to overcook, but I find it’s actually easier to prepare than beef.  At least with white fish, to properly cook it, you just wait for the flesh to turn transparent.  And if you keep the skin on, even better!  Because drying and salting skin and then pressing it into a hot pan are the keys to creating that perfectly crisp skin that adds exciting texture to what might otherwise be an unexceptional piece of fish.

I used this very principle to prepare vermillion snapper, already an exceptional fish and a variety I had never heard of before.  I seared in skin-side down, pressing it into the pan to ensure full contact with the skin and to prevent the surface from seizing up and shrinking.  When it was almost all the way cooked through, I flipped it briefly to the flesh side to finish cooking.  The result was beautifully golden-brown and crispy skinned fish that I served atop rutabaga, peas, and kale all warmed in homemade fish stock:


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