Grilled, Stuffed Trout in Foil

Summer is grilling season, and having already made hamburgers on the grill this week, I decided to create something slightly different for dinner last night.  My grandparents are in town, and we’re all seafood lovers so I decided to made fish on the grill.  My freezer is full of wonderful rainbow trout from my share … Continue reading

Restaurant Wish List and The Whiskey Jar

My family has just relocated to Charlottesville, and I’m enjoying my first summer here as a permanent resident.  I have a long and continually growing list of restaurants in town that I’m dying to try, and I’ve finally found a way to organize and keep track of those that I have been to and those … Continue reading

Broiled Salmon with Pesto

Hello all!  It’s been far too long since my last post, but I’m determined to catch up with telling you about all the delicious meals I’ve made this year.  Today, I’m writing about one of my favorite ways to cook salmon.  I love pan-searing it so that the skin gets crispy and delicious, but during … Continue reading