Firenze Files: Experimenting with Fiorentine Food

As I’ve been learning more and more in photography class (such as how to use the camera in a mode other than “Auto,”), I’ve been taking much better pictures of everything from the streets here in Firenze to all the wonderful food here. ¬†Here is a little chronicle of my evening of cooking, including a … Continue reading

Firenze Files: Cibo a Casa

In between longer journals, essays, and reflections, I thought I’d share pictures of food I’ve eaten, purchased, and made. ¬†This particular post is about food I’ve enjoyed at the apartment thusfar, and “cibo a casa” means “food at home.” ¬†I think taking pictures is the easiest way to represent food, so although I don’t have … Continue reading

Heirloom Tomatoes with Mayonnaise

I’ve been working on my food photography since going to a Food Photography seminar with Andrea and Sarah, the masterminds behind¬†Beyond the Flavor. ¬†I’m still using the camera on my phone, but I’m making an effort to take my dishes outside to photograph them in natural light. ¬†I learned that it makes the color more … Continue reading

Building a Summer Salad

    It’s hardly summer anymore, and I’m gearing up for baking the pumpkin pies and apple dishes that are so perfect in the fall, but I’m posting a few last recipes from summer. ¬†I wanted to share the beautiful pictures and ingredients before we say goodbye to summer’s bounty and tuck in for the … Continue reading

Grilled, Stuffed Trout in Foil

Summer is grilling season, and having already made hamburgers on the grill this week, I decided to create something slightly different for dinner last night. ¬†My grandparents are in town, and we’re all seafood lovers so I decided to made fish on the grill. ¬†My freezer is full of wonderful rainbow trout from my share … Continue reading

Tomato Season!

Tomatoes are finally starting to ripen in Charlottesville, and the farmer’s market is full of colorful, heirloom varieties. ¬†Check out these funky colors and shapes I picked out from some local farms on Saturday morning. For this summer snack, I was inspired by the idea of tomato and peach gazpacho. ¬†Peaches are in season as … Continue reading

Broiled Salmon with Pesto

Hello all! ¬†It’s been far too long since my last post, but I’m determined to catch up with telling you about all the delicious meals I’ve made this year. ¬†Today, I’m writing about one of my favorite ways to cook salmon. ¬†I love pan-searing it so that the skin gets crispy and delicious, but during … Continue reading

Perfect Summer Salad

When there are ripe avocados at the store and when farmers’ markets feature heirloom tomatoes, it’s ripe time to try this salad. ¬†It’s so simple and easy, but it’s simply divine when the ingredients are fresh and in season. ¬†I’ll admit, I still make it during the winter with imported tomatoes because I can’t resist, … Continue reading

Deviled Eggs

I made deviled eggs today for lunch. ¬†I had hard boiled eggs a few days ago as a nice, easy snack. ¬†I also had just made homemade, olive oil, sausage fat, and roasted garlic mayonnaise, so deviled eggs or egg salad seemed like the perfect application. ¬†In this batch, I added some of my mayo, … Continue reading

Steak and Eggs Breakfast

This is just a quick post about one of the breakfasts I made for myself this past week. ¬†I had made a local steak for dinner earlier in the week, so I cut it into strips and sauteed them with red onions in some olive oil and butter. ¬†I added a splash of red wine … Continue reading