Building a Summer Salad

    It’s hardly summer anymore, and I’m gearing up for baking the pumpkin pies and apple dishes that are so perfect in the fall, but I’m posting a few last recipes from summer.  I wanted to share the beautiful pictures and ingredients before we say goodbye to summer’s bounty and tuck in for the … Continue reading

New Food Discovery: Avocado Tempura at Ten

I may have a new favorite food thanks to Ten Sushi.  Mayonnaise was my first food crush, but now I’m head-over-heels for avocado tempura.  I recently visited Ten Sushi on the downtown mall with my Dad, a fellow seafood lover, for dinner, and I must report that it was fantastic.  It’s one of the two … Continue reading

Avocado Salad

My family just moved into our new house in Charlottesville earlier this week, and I’ve been enjoying making fresh salads with local, Charlottesville produce.  I threw together this salad for lunch this week, and it was so delicious, I wanted to share.  It was very quick to prepare–just lots of chopping. Basically, I sliced an … Continue reading

Tomato Season!

Tomatoes are finally starting to ripen in Charlottesville, and the farmer’s market is full of colorful, heirloom varieties.  Check out these funky colors and shapes I picked out from some local farms on Saturday morning. For this summer snack, I was inspired by the idea of tomato and peach gazpacho.  Peaches are in season as … Continue reading

Zocalo during Cville Power Outage

Part of Charlottesville has had a power outage for the last day and a half.  My house didn’t have power, and driving from my neighborhood into downtown Charlottesville, I could see the exact point at which the power outage ended and the rest of the city had power because all of a sudden the stop … Continue reading

Perfect Summer Salad

When there are ripe avocados at the store and when farmers’ markets feature heirloom tomatoes, it’s ripe time to try this salad.  It’s so simple and easy, but it’s simply divine when the ingredients are fresh and in season.  I’ll admit, I still make it during the winter with imported tomatoes because I can’t resist, … Continue reading

Deviled Eggs

I made deviled eggs today for lunch.  I had hard boiled eggs a few days ago as a nice, easy snack.  I also had just made homemade, olive oil, sausage fat, and roasted garlic mayonnaise, so deviled eggs or egg salad seemed like the perfect application.  In this batch, I added some of my mayo, … Continue reading

Heirloom Pesto Potato Salad

This weekend, I bought a wonderful basil pesto and was inspired to pair it with potatoes in a sort of potato salad.  I had seen in a magazine a recipe for putting homemade parsley pesto on roasted sweet potatoes, so putting basil pesto on heirloom baby potatoes made perfect sense. The potatoes are an heirloom … Continue reading

Steak Dinner

Just a quick post about last night’s delicious dinner.  I had a lovely Delmonico steak from a local farm whose cows are grass-fed and raised without antibiotics or pesticides.  It was a big one, so I cut it into two pieces, having one for dinner and saving the other for steak and homemade mayo sandwich … Continue reading

Fried Green Tomatoes

I’m finally trying to write posts for all the foods I’ve made, eaten, and photographed over the past few weeks, so if I’m successful, there will be quite a few random, unrelated posts coming your way.  This post is about fried green tomatoes. I had never liked tomatoes when I was younger.  I think it … Continue reading