Restaurant Wish List

I’ve just moved full-time to Charlottesville, and as anyone who is familiar with the area knows, Charlottesville boasts an amazing assortment of restaurants.  There are so many in the area that I’ve frequented and loved already, but there are still so many that I have yet to try.  I’ve created this page to keep track of all the restaurants I’ve tried and all the ones still on my “wish list,” and I’ve listed all the places where I have eaten with number ratings (1-5) in approximate order of which are my most favorite.  I feel I must clarify that although I haven’t given all the restaurants perfect scores, they’re all excellent and worth visiting.  Many are rated with a 3 or 4 not because they weren’t great, but because I wanted to make some distinction between those that were very good and those that were simply spectacular.

Also, I now have a link on my home page which allows you to go right to a list of all of the reviews I’ve posted of restaurants.

This list is as much for your viewing and eating pleasure as it for me to keep straight all my favorite places to eat in Charlottesville.  Enjoy!


Clifton Inn: inn and restaurant (5)

  • featured in this blog post

Brookville: southern, pork * (5)

  • featured in this blog post

Zinc (5)

The Whiskey Jar * (5)

  • featured in this blog post

C and O Restaurant: unique, exciting food and bar * (5)

Tempo (5)

The Local: great fresh, local food… obviously!

Ten: sushi * (5)

  • featured in this blog post

Blue Moon Diner: funky, gourmet diner (5)

BBQ Exchange (5)

Mas: Spanish tapas (5)

Maya (5)

Boar’s Head Old Mill Room (5)

Citizen Burger Bar * (5)

Orzo Kitchen and Wine Bar (4)

Positively 4th Street (4) *

Fry’s Spring Station: fire roasted pizzas, paninis, and pasta (4)

Zocalo (4)

  • featured in this blog post

The Nook * (4)

The Virginian (4)

Black Market MotoSaloon: motorcycle-themed restaurant and bar on Meade Avenue (4)

  • featured in this blog post

Cville Coffee: lunch and breakfast sandwiches all day on fresh bread (4)

Cavalier diner: breakfast all day, with Greek and Italian food (4)

Sakura Sushi and Noodle: great sushi and Japanese food on the corner (4)

Tip Top Diner (4)

Hamilton’s at First and Main * (4)

St. Maarten Cafe (3)

Buttz BBQ (3)

Boylan Heights: burgers and sports bar (3)

College Inn (2)


Bang: seafood *

Bizou *

Petit Pois *

Fleurie: french cuisine *

Bang *

Blue Light Grill: grill and raw bar *

Rapture: playful southern and dancing *

Millers: pub food *

The Box *

Cafe Italia *

Court Square Tavern *

Aberdeen Barn: steakhouse

Ace Biscuit and Barbecue

Glass Haus Kitchen *

Jinx’s Pit’s Top BBQ

Tastings of Charlottesville

Ivy Inn

Keswick Club: traditional English pub dining

Tavola: Italian

* indicates restaurants on or accessible by the downtown mall

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