Caramelized Vegetables

A few months ago upon one of my visits to the Clifton Inn kitchen, I tried a preparation of a super simple ingredient that one of the chefs at the Clifton Inn dreamed-up. ¬†It was cooked cabbage. ¬†But it wasn’t stewed or braised or even fermented. ¬†It was simply a big green cabbage, quartered, and … Continue reading

Dinner at Avalon in Richmond

The first weekend of my spring break, I attended a Matchbox 20 concert in Richmond. ¬†I made two earth-shattering discoveries on the night of the concert: the first was that the lead singer, Rob Thomas, of Matchbox 20 is the same person as Rob Thomas, solo artist. ¬†I know it seems like a trivial discovery, … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Series: Autumn Cranberry Salad

Happy very belated Thanksgiving. ¬†Although that particular holiday has passed, I have wonderful pictures and recipes to share from November! ¬†Please excuse lateness of this post and perhaps take ideas for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. ¬†This post will be the first in a short series about the dishes my family served at Thanksgiving, so … Continue reading

Sprouts for Supper

I just started liking brussels sprouts this year. ¬†I had never tried them before, probably because they’re a stereotypical, scary vegetable that kids tend to not like. ¬†In trying to be more brave in my healthful vegetable choices though, I tried my mom’s oven roasted sprouts and found that they were delicious when the edges … Continue reading