Dinner at Avalon in Richmond

The first weekend of my spring break, I attended a Matchbox 20 concert in Richmond. ¬†I made two earth-shattering discoveries on the night of the concert: the first was that the lead singer, Rob Thomas, of Matchbox 20 is the same person as Rob Thomas, solo artist. ¬†I know it seems like a trivial discovery, … Continue reading

Glorious Breakfast

Just this morning I prepared what I must consider one of the most glorious, gorgeous breakfasts of all time. ¬†It was simply a leftover hamburger topped with fried eggs and sauteed swiss chard, but somehow it evolved into something stunning and gormet-looking. ¬†And I managed to this on a school-day morning, no less! It began … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Black Market Moto Saloon

My latest favorite hangout in Charlottesville is the Black Market Moto Saloon. ¬†It’s designed as a classic, rough biker bar, but it serves surprisingly great food. ¬†My personal favorite is their burger. ¬†They have a number of flavor combinations on the menu, including a burger with pineapple, prosciutto, and aoili in addition to one with … Continue reading

Build You Own Burger

  There was another post about burgers earlier this week, but I wanted to share a slightly different way of presenting or serving burgers in this post. ¬†My delicious burger sliders served as the inspiration for making this meal for my family this summer. ¬†Rather than assemble the burgers ahead though, I wanted to create … Continue reading

Cville Goodies

Another new post! ¬†Hooray! ¬†I’m trying to get back in the swing of posting, so I’m churning out a bunch right in a row. ¬†This quickie is about two great restaurants in Charlottesville that I want to draw some attention to. ¬†First is a brand new place I visited today for lunch, called the Citizen … Continue reading