Buttermilk Pancakes

Do you know how sometimes you just get this craving for certain home-y foods?  Well, it had never happened before, but being away at college made me crave pancakes all of a sudden, and with no mom there to whip up a batch for me, I had to learn to make them myself.  I of … Continue reading


Apple Cake

In the fall, I had taken a trip to Carter Mountain in Charlottesville, Va.  It’s one of the must-see and -do things students must do during their time at UVA.  I got to go right into the apple orchards and pick the Fiji and Pink Lady apples that were ripe at the time.  Because of … Continue reading

Maple Buttermilk Pie

For a fall-themed sorority fundraiser this weekend, I volunteered to prepare and bring baked goods.  Rather than baking the expected cookies or brownies, I tried some new recipes that embodied the spirit of fall.  The pie I made was a Maple Buttermilk Pie from a recipe I found on 101cookbooks.com. The recipe included directions for … Continue reading

Fried Green Tomatoes

I’m finally trying to write posts for all the foods I’ve made, eaten, and photographed over the past few weeks, so if I’m successful, there will be quite a few random, unrelated posts coming your way.  This post is about fried green tomatoes. I had never liked tomatoes when I was younger.  I think it … Continue reading