Foods from the Past: Updated French Toast

Before I started eating Paleo, one of my favorite breakfasts was French toast.  I didn’t really enjoy plain toast or just toast with jelly, because even then, I was all about how much filling or toppings one food vessel could hold.  And oddly, I always found the softer, moister wheat items more appealing: like the … Continue reading


Glorious Breakfast

Just this morning I prepared what I must consider one of the most glorious, gorgeous breakfasts of all time.  It was simply a leftover hamburger topped with fried eggs and sauteed swiss chard, but somehow it evolved into something stunning and gormet-looking.  And I managed to this on a school-day morning, no less! It began … Continue reading

Weekend Breakfast: Vegetables and Eggs

Having a great breakfast is like a ritual for me.  Even if it means that I might be late for class, I will not compromise having a nutritious and filling breakfast.  It sets me up for having a good day and feeling great and continuing to eat well for the rest of the day.  Much … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Brookville Brunch

Brookville Restaurant is on the historic, downtown mall in Charlottesville, located directly above one of my favorite restaurants there, the Whiskey Jar.  The menu might give the impression of casual fare with seemingly simple dishes in which some form of pork often makes an appearance.  The chef’s so-called “meat-centric” menu is far from lacking in … Continue reading

Steak and Eggs Breakfast

This is just a quick post about one of the breakfasts I made for myself this past week.  I had made a local steak for dinner earlier in the week, so I cut it into strips and sauteed them with red onions in some olive oil and butter.  I added a splash of red wine … Continue reading

Maple Buttermilk Pie

For a fall-themed sorority fundraiser this weekend, I volunteered to prepare and bring baked goods.  Rather than baking the expected cookies or brownies, I tried some new recipes that embodied the spirit of fall.  The pie I made was a Maple Buttermilk Pie from a recipe I found on The recipe included directions for … Continue reading

Happy Egg Yolks

I wanted to share a quick breakfast from earlier this week.  It’s a toasted leftover bagel with butter (not particularly interesting, I know) with a fried egg.  This wouldn’t have really been worth sharing if it hadn’t been for the beautiful egg yolk.  I think it might be the brightest egg I’ve ever seen.  It’s … Continue reading

Fried Green Tomatoes

I’m finally trying to write posts for all the foods I’ve made, eaten, and photographed over the past few weeks, so if I’m successful, there will be quite a few random, unrelated posts coming your way.  This post is about fried green tomatoes. I had never liked tomatoes when I was younger.  I think it … Continue reading

Homemade Mayonnaise

For my very first post, I thought it appropriate that I write about one of my first culinary successes.  I had always been clueless in the kitchen and often had to be saved by my mom before I ruined whatever I was attempting to make.  I’ve since learned to start with the extremely simple, and … Continue reading