Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes

The Thanksgiving recipe series is finished, and I want to share a few more fall-themed recipes before the next holiday arrives. ¬†Christmas is so close, but it really doesn’t feel like it yet in Charlottesville. ¬†It’s gorgeously sunny and 60 degrees today, hardly the typical weather for mid-December. ¬†It keeps me in the fall spirit … Continue reading

Build You Own Burger

  There was another post about burgers earlier this week, but I wanted to share a slightly different way of presenting or serving burgers in this post. ¬†My delicious burger sliders served as the inspiration for making this meal for my family this summer. ¬†Rather than assemble the burgers ahead though, I wanted to create … Continue reading

Grilled Branzino

  Last week I stopped by my local fish monger at Seafood on West Main to check for a special catch. ¬†He happened to have branzino, an Italian sea bass which I happen to adore. ¬†It’s a small fish, so it’s typically served whole on the skeleton, and the fish monger left the heads on, … Continue reading

Grilled, Stuffed Trout in Foil

Summer is grilling season, and having already made hamburgers on the grill this week, I decided to create something slightly different for dinner last night. ¬†My grandparents are in town, and we’re all seafood lovers so I decided to made fish on the grill. ¬†My freezer is full of wonderful rainbow trout from my share … Continue reading