Daily Food: Scrumptious Pork Chop

Pork is my favorite meat, and pork chops might be my favorite cut of the animal. ¬†There’s the perfect, meaty loin section along the the top of the rib and the the luscious, fatty layer surrounding it. ¬†Depending on where on the ribs the chop was cut, you can also get some of the baby … Continue reading

Barbecue Exchange

Over my spring break, I got a new motorcycle! ¬†This isn‚Äôt directly food-related, but I wanted to share the whole story of visiting Barbecue Exchange, which is a barbecue joint in Gordonsville that my family frequents often on our motorcycles. ¬†We waited for a nice, sunny afternoon, and we set off on our bikes: me … Continue reading

Homemade Meatballs

Since buying a share of a cow, my family has a freezer full of ground beef, and I finally decided to do something more creative with it than just making hamburgers. ¬†I made meatballs! ¬†They’re pretty much small, well-seasoned, spherical hamburgers, but I made them even more exciting by making them for breakfast. I took … Continue reading

Glorious Breakfast

Just this morning I prepared what I must consider one of the most glorious, gorgeous breakfasts of all time. ¬†It was simply a leftover hamburger topped with fried eggs and sauteed swiss chard, but somehow it evolved into something stunning and gormet-looking. ¬†And I managed to this on a school-day morning, no less! It began … Continue reading

Weekend Breakfast: Vegetables and Eggs

Having a great breakfast is like a ritual for me. ¬†Even if it means that I might be late for class, I will not compromise having a nutritious and filling breakfast. ¬†It sets me up for having a good day and feeling great and continuing to eat well for the rest of the day. ¬†Much … Continue reading