Firenze Files: Experimenting with Fiorentine Food

As I’ve been learning more and more in photography class (such as how to use the camera in a mode other than “Auto,”), I’ve been taking much better pictures of everything from the streets here in Firenze to all the wonderful food here. ¬†Here is a little chronicle of my evening of cooking, including a … Continue reading

Heirloom Tomatoes with Mayonnaise

I’ve been working on my food photography since going to a Food Photography seminar with Andrea and Sarah, the masterminds behind¬†Beyond the Flavor. ¬†I’m still using the camera on my phone, but I’m making an effort to take my dishes outside to photograph them in natural light. ¬†I learned that it makes the color more … Continue reading

Broiled Salmon with Pesto

Hello all! ¬†It’s been far too long since my last post, but I’m determined to catch up with telling you about all the delicious meals I’ve made this year. ¬†Today, I’m writing about one of my favorite ways to cook salmon. ¬†I love pan-searing it so that the skin gets crispy and delicious, but during … Continue reading

Double Dipping

One weekend last fall after visiting the Charlottesville Farmer’s Market, I made this wonderful lunch for myself with a piece of focaccia. ¬†I wanted to be silly and call this post “Double Dipping” because I made a different dipping sauce for each of the components of my lunch: a seasoned olive oil and a homemade … Continue reading