Firenze Files: Photos

I’ve returned from Italy and have been back in the States for almost four weeks now. ¬†I’ve had many culinary adventures already which I hope to being sharing again, and I’ve finally cherry-picked some of my favorite photos from Italy to share. ¬†Please enjoy them below. ¬†Hover over each picture for a short caption or … Continue reading

Firenze Files:The Barista Next Door

I spent some time in the Piazza Santa Croce today reading a book and drawing in the sun. I went back out after dinner as well and wound up venturing into the Finesterae, a ristorante, bar (both alcoholic and coffee), gelaterie, and pastry shop.¬† Originally intending to sit for a short while with a good … Continue reading

Firenze Files: An Introduction

I have arrived in Italy! ¬†Actually, I arrived two days ago, but in the frenzy of traveling and unpacking and seeing some of the city I haven’t had a chance to post anything concrete until now. ¬†I’m studying abroad in Florence, which is called “Firenze” in Italy, which is called “Italia” in Italian, which is … Continue reading