I’ve compiled my favorite health, food, and recipe websites.  The sites should show where I get some of my inspiration from, and I hope this page is informative and helpful.

101 Cookbooks: Unique Recipes

Albemarle Baking Company: Delicious Pastries, Cakes, and Breads

Avery’s Branch Farms: Family Owned Farmed with Local Beef, Pork, Poultry, and Eggs in Amelia, Virginia

  • has pick-up locations near Charlottesville every week so I can get meat, eggs, and milk right from the farm

Barefoot Bucha: my favorite, local Virginia kombucha

Barefoot Contessa: Ina Garten’s Website, where you can find all her cookbooks (I have many!)

Barefoot Contessa on FoodNetwork: Ina Garten, My Most Favorite Celebrity Chef

Beyond the Flavor: my favorite blog about Charlottesville food and culinary culture

  • well-known for photographing chefs and local food growers/raisers at their homes, sharing a meal with them, and posting the recipes!

Bulletproof Executive: Healthy, Active Living, Diet, and Exercise

Carpe Donut: Local, Charlottesville Donut Shop

Charlottseville City Market: Local Farmer’s Market Website

Charlottesville Community Supported Fishery: CSA for Fish with Shares of Sustainably Raised Trout

Charlottesville Cooking School: where I’ve taken a very informative knife skills class and plan to take more classes to expand my cooking knowledge and techniques

  • owner: Martha Stafford

Feast: A Wonderful Artisan Charlottesville Grocer, Formaggio, and Charcuterie

  • known for their artisan deli meats (I’m a fan of their Surryano ham) and cheese, they also have prepared foods, produce, wines, and a cafe featuring local, seasonal ingredients
Great Harvest Bread: Great, Family-Owned Healthy, Local Bread

Mark’s Daily Apple: Blogs, Tips, and Resources for Healthful, Primal Living

Mas to Millers: famous local restaurant review site; great source for ratings of all the great food spots in Charlottesville

  • covers everything from low-end Millers pub to high-end Mas tapas restaurant

Morven Summer Institute: Summer Teaching Farm (where I’m taking a “Politics of Food” class this summer)

Organic Butcher: Local Source of Artisan Meats

Planet Earth Diversified: Sustainably-Grown Herbs and Produce

Rebecca’s Natural: Charlottesville Health Foods Shop (where I do much of my weekly food shopping)

RelayFoods: Online, Local Food Shopping

  • online grocery shopping based in Charlottesville and Richmond, delivering foods from small, local shops and farms to different pick-up locations around the town

Rock Barn Pork: Ben Thompson locally raises happy pigs, sells meat along with pork shares at the Charlottesville City market, is a master in the art of butchery, and accomplished chef and high-end local caterer

  • Beyond the Flavor featured Ben Thompson in a blog post

Seafood at West Main: My Local Source of Fresh Seafood

WholeFoods: My Local Charlottesville Whole Foods

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