Paleo Plate at Black Market Moto Saloon

One of my favorite lunch joints in Charlottesville recently updated their menu to include specific, Paleo-friendly options!  I blogged recently about how the Black Market Moto Saloon will make their hamburgers without a bun and with a side salad, but they’ve recently added what they call their “Paleo Plate” to the menu.  It consists of a grilled chicken breast with sage and garlic, sweet potato fries, and grilled zucchini.

Paleo PlateI just love how the white plate and delicious, warm food is set off by the bright blue table.  Just looking at it makes me hungry!  Needless to say, I give the Paleo Plate a great review.  The sweet potato fries are warm, sweet and perfectly crisp on the outside; the chicken is buttery and herb-y; and the zucchini are toasty and delicious.  I highly recommend it.  It’s also great to have a meal at a restaurant specifically crafted for those of us following the Paleo diet.  And the Moto Saloon happens to be right next to Crossfit, so this meal is becoming my go-to post-workout fuel.

Paleo Plate from above


One Response to “Paleo Plate at Black Market Moto Saloon”
  1. The paleo plan is a change in the way that we think about and
    approach the foods we are eating, or even why we
    are eating, or even overnight. One last thing We are spending more, but not
    that much more.

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