What I’ve Been Up To!

I’ve been absent from my blog for much of the summer since returning from Italy, but I’ve been hard at work in Charlottesville, doing lots of work with food and photography and cooking and art and writing.  I think I’ve truly found my passions and what motivates me in life, and the great thing is that all coexist right here in Charlottesville!


Here are some links and updates about what I’ve been up to:

Earlier this summer, Wendy Edwards from 1070 FM radio, WINA, invited me on her morning show to talk about my blog and how I’ve become involved in the local Charlottesville food culture.  It was such an honor to be featured, and I was super excited to get SlowFoodieBear’s name out there!  It could be start of something great!  Here’s the link to my interview.

I also had the pleasure of working with the ladies at Beyond the Flavor this summer as an intern, doing recipe testing for their new book, Commons.  They have graciously allow me and the other summer intern to contribute to their blog with posts of our choosing.  I did a write-up about an event in the Morven Kitchen Garden where I volunteer that’s complete with pictures that I took myself.  I also just started what will hopefully be a recurring “kitchen skills” post, and my first one is about how to dress a salad.  The writing and drawings are inspired by what I’ve learned in my time working in the Clifton Inn kitchen, and I’m eternally grateful to Chef Tucker for granting me such an amazing opportunity.

Thanks for tuning in!  Please enjoy my writings, pictures, and drawings from the above links while I get my act together with the start of school, and I promise there will be more posts from SlowFoodieBear coming soon!

One Response to “What I’ve Been Up To!”
  1. Nana and Pop-Pop says:

    Don’t know where you find the time to engage in all these activities, Erin, but it’s a tribute to your passion with food and healthy and delicious eating! Good luck in the new school year. We look forward to hearing about more of your exploits!

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