Deviled Eggs

I made deviled eggs today for lunch.  I had hard boiled eggs a few days ago as a nice, easy snack.  I also had just made homemade, olive oil, sausage fat, and roasted garlic mayonnaise, so deviled eggs or egg salad seemed like the perfect application.  In this batch, I added some of my mayo, crumbled bacon, paprika and onion powder (for some extra flavor), and just a spoonful of Greek yogurt. I like my deviled eggs extra thick and egg-y, so I mixed everything with a fork and scooped it back into the egg whites.  The gorgeous yellow comes from my homemade mayonnaise and from the brilliant orange yolks of eggs from happy, pastured chickens.  I also make sure not to boil the eggs for too long so that they’re still slightly moist and soft.  The method I use is submerging the eggs in cold water in a pot, bringing the water to a boil, taking the pot off the heat, covering it, and waiting about 8-10 minutes before dunking the eggs in ice water to stop the cooking.  Then the eggs stay good in the fridge for a while. And to peel them, a special trick is to tap them on the counter to crack the shells and then to peel it under cold, running water (it helps wash the shell pieces off).  Try all sorts of deviled egg combinations and varieties for lunch or breakfast.  Enjoy!

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