Christmas Series: Hot Buttered Bourbon

I’m still getting over the mountains of delicious food consumed over the holidays, and I think I will blame the resulting “food coma” for my lateness in posting about the dishes I made for Christmas. ¬†I’m finally readying pictures and recipes from the holidays to post, and I’ve decided to start with the star cocktail. … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Series: Fall Cocktail

What holiday is complete without a signature, themed cocktail? ¬†Probably most, but I created an autumn-spiced¬†cocktail¬†for Thanksgiving regardless. ¬†I’ve actually become quite the bartender, experimenting with different drinks and¬†liquors¬†so that dinner now often includes a new, tasty drink to test. ¬†Of all my creations¬†thus far¬†though, my Thanksgiving “Cinn Cider” has been the most well-received. I … Continue reading

Updated Pork Belly

It’s time for another round of pork belly! ¬†My favorite food returns again this fall. ¬†I think it must be the season that inspires me to braise meats and eat rich, filling food, because I think it was last year, right around fall as well, that I cooked my first pork belly. ¬†I have a … Continue reading

Fall Classics

This post is about two of the most classic fall foods: pumpkin pie and hot apple cider. ¬†I haven’t made them recently–I’m just finally posting pictures of all the wonderful foods I made last year. ¬†Apple cider was one of my favorites. ¬†I think I went though an entire gallon about every other week between … Continue reading