Daily Food: Vermillion Snapper

If you’re looking for a restaurant-like meal that’s deceptively easy to prepare, I would suggest fish. ¬†Some think it’s hard to prepare and easy to overcook, but I find it’s actually easier to prepare than beef. ¬†At least with white fish, to properly cook it, you just wait for the flesh to turn transparent. ¬†And … Continue reading

Daily Food: Mackerel Cakes (aka using leftovers)

I love to cook a meal from scratch at every meal, but that’s not really feasible in the middle of a busy week. ¬†So I’ve been trying to get better about preparing things in advance and about making better use of leftovers. ¬†This post is about how I used the leftover mackerel that I had … Continue reading

Grilled Branzino

  Last week I stopped by my local fish monger at Seafood on West Main to check for a special catch. ¬†He happened to have branzino, an Italian sea bass which I happen to adore. ¬†It’s a small fish, so it’s typically served whole on the skeleton, and the fish monger left the heads on, … Continue reading

Grilled, Stuffed Trout in Foil

Summer is grilling season, and having already made hamburgers on the grill this week, I decided to create something slightly different for dinner last night. ¬†My grandparents are in town, and we’re all seafood lovers so I decided to made fish on the grill. ¬†My freezer is full of wonderful rainbow trout from my share … Continue reading

Broiled Salmon with Pesto

Hello all! ¬†It’s been far too long since my last post, but I’m determined to catch up with telling you about all the delicious meals I’ve made this year. ¬†Today, I’m writing about one of my favorite ways to cook salmon. ¬†I love pan-searing it so that the skin gets crispy and delicious, but during … Continue reading